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About DIVERSUS Group

DIVERSUS Group is a large international holding company headquartered in Moscow.

DIVERSUS Group was founded in 2006 and includes more than 10 companies from various sectors of economy. The Group’s main assets are located in the Russian Federation and are aimed at export development, public-private partnership and import substitution. The company is constantly expanding the geography of its activities, is actively working on development of its own projects, and also finances “external” projects in the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Asia-Pacific Region and European Union.


In 2006, a group of leading Russian business consultants decided to generalize their international practical experience and create a unique product for the domestic market – a company that unites experts on creating and promoting business in Russia.

From 2006 to 2011, our company provided services for business projects’ creation and promotion of business projects and also for business diversification. We “grew” the business, acting as mentors and active participants in its development, interested in its growth at all stages of existence – from the idea to the finished product. During these years we managed to assemble a team with unique experience and competence: many well-known Russian and foreign companies entrusted their projects to us.

Since 2011, we have been engaged in investing and attracting investments for long-range business ideas and projects. We consider investments as a development tool and offer them exactly when our experts come to the conclusion that the project needs them. Our partners are well-known Russian and foreign venture funds, banks and other institutions with which we have implemented many successful projects.

Our investment focus lies in the following areas:

  • online services targeted at the mass users, IT platforms of a new generation;
  • high-tech industries with export potential;
  • products and services for B2G and B2B markets;
  • public-private partnership.

Since 2014, the company includes a technological unit, specializing on engineering and solving complex technical problems.

In 2015, the group diversified its assets, resulting in the formation of a management company DIVERSUS Group and a separate division of the group – the full cycle advertising agency Dekole.

In 2016, DIVERSUS Sales House was founded, which produces and sells products for B2G and B2B markets under its own trademarks.

As of the end of 2016, our portfolio has more than 125 successfully implemented projects and more than 50 patented innovative solutions in the field of new products and non-standard equipment, as well as organization and automation of production.

In 2017, DIVERSUS Group already takes the position of not only a key player on the Russian market, but also a player of the transnational company level. We aspire to take the leading positions among domestic and international companies which promote economic growth and development of markets.

Today, the company’s activities are focused on portfolio companies and investing external projects in accordance with our investment profile.

Our main assets are located in the Russian Federation and are aimed at export development, public-private partnership and import substitution.

We are actively working to develop our own projects, as well as to finance external projects in the Russian Federation, CIS countries, APR and European Union. There is a constant expansion of the geography of our activities.

Mission, strategy, goals and objectives

Our mission:

  • identification and satisfaction of constantly growing market needs in new high-quality products, services and technologies;
  • search for new market niches, creating conditions and prerequisites for long-term and global leadership by redistributing resources to new industries.

Our strategy:

  • strengthening of positions, minimization of risks and expansion of the company’s business through diversification of assets.

Our goals and objectives:

  • creation of new products, services and technologies, organization of new high-tech and competitive productions;
  • creation of the need for innovation, technology change, technical re-equipment and acceleration of scientific and technical progress;
  • improving the business environment, creating favorable conditions for the organization of international production in a single economic and information space.

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