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The team of professional engineers of DIVERSUS Technologies is engaged in the development and independent scientific and technical expertise of new products and technologies. The rich practical experience of developing non-standard industry solutions and implementing large-scale international projects enabled DIVERSUS Technologies to become one of the leading suppliers of integrated engineering services.

  • for companies aimed at global competition;
  • for companies that expand the range of products;
  • for companies and individuals intending to create a new product, with a high potential for commercialization;
  • for companies that do not currently have the necessary specialists in the stuff to solve a particular technical problem;
  • for trading companies that want to lower the cost of production, get the regularity of supplies, move to higher sales figures through the development of own or contract production;
  • for companies that want to keep the monopoly on a new product as long as possible;
  • for companies that want to improve the quality of their product or increase the efficiency of their production.

How much do our services cost?

If we take up the project, our services will pay off even under the most pessimistic business forecast: you only pay for the guaranteed result, received in a clearly stipulated time and for a clearly stipulated budget.

Who will provide the services?

Professional analysts and experts will work on your tasks and projects. Realization of projects will be provided by professional and experienced industry engineers and specialists.

How to start working with us?

Contact us and describe the initial situation, formulate your request in any form. Together  we will formulate the right tasks and draft the technical task, calculate the budget and the timing of the project.

 technical tasks solution

The objective of the service is to create a product with a higher degree consumer properties of realization, elimination of undesirable effects in the product or in the technology of its production.

In this type of projects the goods available on the market are being improved, tasks are being accomplished that make it possible to achieve a level of consumer characteristics acceptable to consumers for new products.

Development of new products and technologies

This type of projects is aimed at creating fundamentally new products and technologies, identifying new needs or solving consumer problems at the expense of a new product. All technical decisions are made taking into account modern technologies and materials developed in the leading fields of science and technology.

This direction can be cumulatively called “innovations launch on a by-order basis”.

preparation of design documentation

Industry experts are working on these projects: engineers and “calculators”. The customer receives the full package of documentation necessary for the production of goods.

All the design solutions adopted during this type of projects pass the feasibility stage in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

production of prototypes

In projects of this type, not only design documentation is prepared, but suppliers of finished components are also selected, and production for the manufacture of original components. A large network of our partners – suppliers and manufacturers – allows to carry out these projects  frugally and quickly.

As a result of this type of projects implementation, the customer receives a well-developed prototype and the documentation necessary for starting the batch production of the goods.

If the customer has own production, then the technology of manufacturing the goods is adapted to the existing production.

industrial design

These projects are aimed at creating comfortable, safe and functional goods. Sales of high-quality goods can be significantly increased due to professionally selected design solutions (product forms, materials, management program).

copy protection of new goods

This type of projects is carried out with the participation of not only analysts, but also with the participation of patent specialists, specialists working with “know-how.” However, these projects relate not only to the goods protection through patents, but also through tools to create technological barriers, using marketing instruments. The client receives a comprehensive strategy and a list of mechanisms to protect product or technology.

expertise of projects and technical solutions

These projects are aimed at reducing risks in the implementation of solutions, as well as identifying the patentability of the solution and the market potential of the product.

During the expertise we answer the following questions:

  • What problem does the product solve?
  • What need does it satisfy?
  • What consumer properties are important for this product?
  • How is this problem solved now? (identifying competitors and alternatives)
  • What level of implementation of consumer properties do you and your competitors have now?
  • Is it possible to improve the unsuccessfully well-realized properties of the product?

engineering solutions

In this direction, it is suggested that these goals will be satisfied by the changing of the goods themselves and also the technology of its creation by developing new products:
  •  increase in the number of sales;
  • increase in average purchase receipt;
  •  reduction of production costs;
  • launch of sale of a new product for the market.
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